Keeping Your Dogs Safe when Going Outside

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Even if we’re not infected by the coronavirus or haven’t lost a loved one because of it, we’re still infected by it somehow. Some of us were laid off because our companies had to make some job cuts to keep themselves afloat financially. Some companies shut down altogether.

And for some of us, the act of socially distancing ourselves from our friends and families are very hard. Lucky for us, we’re not totally alone. Our pets have kept us company through the crisis. We’re especially thankful for our dogs. Here are some measures that we could take so that you and your pet dog remain safe and happy as we wait for the pandemic to finally end.

Reports of Pets Infected with COVID-19

Although it’s for pets to be infected by the coronavirus, it still happens. A few of them were tested positive. Studies suggested that infected cats (domestic and wild ones), mink, and dogs most likely got the virus from their human owners. But based on the findings of various researchers around the world, the risk of the coronavirus spreading between animals is very low. Although dogs are found to be less affected than cats, it’s still advisable to remain cautious.

As dog-owners, we know that their lifespan is not as long as ours. We know to prepare ourselves for the day when they pass. We’ve probably even thought about turning to taxidermy to preserve their memory. But, until that day comes, we are taking every measure to ensure that they are safe from the dangers of the coronavirus.

Going on Runs

Going on a run every morning can be something so mundane to us. It’s a form of exercise to keep us sane. But, for our dogs, it’s the highlight of their day. Unfortunately, running can be one of the dangerous outdoor activities we could do right now.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we have to keep at least six feet between other people to properly practice social distancing. But since spreading through respiratory droplets is the most common way of getting infected, we have to stay at least 12 feet away from other people when we’re jogging. It’s because they release a higher level of respiratory droplets.

So when we go on a run with our dogs, it’s important to keep them close. We can’t risk them getting the virus from other joggers in the park. They can’t wear face masks. So distancing them from other people is the only way to keep them safe.

dog playing with a ball

Going on Errands

It’s advisable to minimize our time going out in public as much as possible. So we like to take our dog on much-needed walks while we run to the store, visit the bank or other errands that we might need to do. When you bring your dog with you, keep them leashed and close to you. And avoid places that are too crowded.

Some people might tell us that it’s not a good idea to take our pets on errands at this time because it’s really not safe. But we all know that dogs are not that different from people. They, too, are susceptible to bouts of cabin fever. Just like us, it’s good for them to see some sights every once in a while. We need to take all possible measures to keep them safe.

More Frequent Baths

Got a dog that loves playing in the water? Then bathing them should be a fun activity. It’s necessary to keep them clean as much as possible right now. It’s not like we can douse their paws with the disinfectant hand sprays. It will free them from germs, but it will poison them if they lick it off their paws.

So baths are the way to go. Bring out that inflatable pool that’s been sitting in your garage blow it up, and let your dog play around in it. After you clean them up first, of course. Otherwise, they’d be soaking in their own filth.

Stay Healthy for Them

This is the most important measure you have to take to ensure that your dog stays healthy and free from the coronavirus. It won’t matter if you make so much effort to keep them safe when you go outside if you don’t watch your own health. Caring for your own safety means caring for your dog’s safety as well.

Our dogs have remained such troopers for us as we dealt with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. They might not be aware of the news about the infections and deaths. But they know how to keep us happy by being their upbeat selves. It’s only right that we keep them safe from the virus when we take them outside.

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