Helping Your Dog Deal With Anxiety

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While dogs are often happy, active, and fun, they can also experience some negative emotions. One of them is anxiety. While it can be unpleasant, it is a perfectly normal emotion or reaction of your dog towards a new environment and situation. However, you should be more observant and vigilant. You need to gauge if your dog is feeling anxious for extended periods of time. If they are, they may need professional help. Otherwise, this may lead to more serious behavioral issues.

As their owners, you need to do something to help them ease what they’re feeling. In case you are looking for some tips that will help you help your dog deal with this, check out the following pointers below:

Talk to your veterinarian

The best way to tackle this issue is by talking to your veterinarian. You need to identify the things that make your dogs anxious. Knowing the triggers will help you manage this in the future. In this context, your veterinarian has the knowledge and wisdom to determine if your dog’s anxiety is just situational or serious already. They will also be able to determine which kind of treatment actually suits your pet. Furthermore, you will get tips on how you can help your dog in case this happens again.

Focus on conditioning

Owners can also take part in helping dogs deal with their anxiety. You may try counterconditioning. The purpose of this method is to change your pup’s response to the anxiety-inducing stimulus. Desensitization is another strategy you may want to try. In this regard, you will slowly introduce your dog to the source of anxiety in small bits or doses. When your dog’s exposure is repeated, they will then be able to manage their anxiety. If you think that this is a tall order for you, you can always work with a professional dog trainer.

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Apply medication

Medication is another way of dealing with your dog’s anxiety. Your veterinarian may give you some recommendations, such as antidepressants designed for pets. Some veterinary clinics may recommend using clomipramine or fluoxetine. There are some who may use CBD oil, but keep in mind that such products are not yet regulated. However, you may not be able to buy medication without the veterinarian’s approval, so secure it first. You should go this route if your natural methods are not working anymore.

Learn how to prevent it

As they always say, prevention is better than cure. If you don’t want to find yourself constantly calling a reliable pet transport service or taking your beloved pooch to a veterinarian or a faraway treatment center, you need to learn how to help your dog deal with triggers. Learn to read your pup’s body language. Implement proper socialization techniques, and give them a proper diet.

Love your dog!

Because you love your dog, you want nothing but the best for him. And if you think that your pup is dealing with anxiety, you need to find the best ways to help them overcome it.

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