What to Do with Your Used Cooking Oil

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Most of us use cooking oil in our homes almost every day. It is definitely an essential in the kitchen and without it, we could not cook the food that we eat. If you buy your own ingredients including your cooking oil, then you might think of ways to properly use it again, as it might be a huge waste to just throw it away after one use. Below, we will discuss some of the things that you can do with your used cooking oil. From selling it to a website like https://gfcommodities.com/ to using it as a lubricant, we’ve got you covered.

Sell It

There are companies that buy used cooking oil. Some of them buy animal fats as well. If you are thinking of what to do with yours, then you can go ahead and try selling it to them. Aside from proper disposal, you can also make proper money out of it.

Use it as a Lubricant

Since this is oil we are talking about, you can use it as a lubricant all over your home. You can try using it for silencing a squeaking hinge or dealing with troublesome locks. For example, you can try spreading a bit of cooking oil on your key if you are always having trouble using it on the knob.

Furniture Protector

If you have furniture at home that is made of rattan or wicker, then you can try protecting it by spreading a bit of cooking oil. These materials are prone to cracking, and one way to prevent this is by rubbing a bit of used cooking oil to its surface to keep it moisturized and safe from cracks.

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Removing Paint from Your Skin

If you are planning on painting or repainting your house, then you should always have a bottle of used cooking oil on the side. Taking the paint off your hands can be difficult, but using cooking oil to remove it will definitely help. Simply rub the used cooking oil on your hands after the painting job and let it sit for five minutes. Wash your hands with soap and water afterwards and see the paint come off your hands!

Use it on Your Gardening Tools

Soil, grass, and dirt can easily stick on your gardening tools, making it difficult for you to clean them after. To make sure that these things will not stick on your tools, grab a cup of used cooking oil and rub it on the surface of the tool. Simply wash it with water (and soap, which is optional) and wipe it off after use to clean it.


If you are planning on making a compost pile, then make sure to have a cup of vegetable oil on the side. This will help attract and feed the worms that will help with the composting process. Just make sure to use only vegetable oil, though, as other types of oil will attract pests that can ruin the whole process.

There are a lot of things that you can do with used cooking oil, and these are just some of them. Make sure to properly dispose of your used cooking oil so you would not have any problems with it in the future.

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