How to Make Your Yard Beautiful and Functional

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Spring is here, and as a homeowner, there’s no better time to take care of your yard. After months of cold and dreary weather, it’s finally time to transform your yard into a beautiful, functional outdoor space. Here are some tips for upgrading your yard this season.

You can do a complete makeover if your yard is in terrible shape. You can also do a few upgrades here and there if it is already in decent condition. Either way, here are yard upgrades that will make your yard look beautiful and functional.

Trim, Remove, or Prune Your Trees

Trees serve your yard in so many ways. Firstly, they give the landscape some character and a beautiful lush green color. They also provide shade and create biodiversity around your home. While you may notice it, the fresh air you breathe in the morning is courtesy of the trees in your yard.

Pay attention to your trees as part of your spring yard upgrades. While beautiful, trees can overgrow and look unkempt, making your home look slightly off. You have to do something about them. If you have trees with overgrown branches that seem too close to the powerline or on your roof, trim them.

The dead and diseased branches can also make your trees look ugly and subsequently affect your curb appeal. They are also a safety hazard since they can break and fall on you, your loved ones, or your property. Contact a tree company in your area and have them pruned.

While trees are great and beautiful, they are sometimes best if you remove them. That is especially true if they are too close to your house or diseased and might fall anytime. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the US has an average of 100 deaths yearly due to falling trees. As much as you love them, it would be much better and safer if you call your local tree removal service company and get rid of them.

Install A Swimming Pool

Most luxury homes have a swimming pool in their backyard. While it serves the functional purpose of swimming, it also adds beauty to any property. It can transform an ordinary-looking property into a stunning urban house. Not only that, but it also adds value. According to Forbes, an inground pool adds an average of 7% value to a property.

Before the summer heat, consider installing a swimming pool on your list of yard upgrades. It will turn your backyard into a beautiful, functional outdoor oasis, perfect for relaxation and entertainment. The blue water reflection will leave your yard looking calm and serene. Notably, it makes an excellent spot for an evening event with friends or family.

Coupled with a nicely made pool deck, outdoor furniture, and a grill, you have the perfect spot to host summer parties. You can also add lighting elements around your pool to create a cozy nighttime atmosphere. With proper maintenance, your swimming pool will be a long-term investment that brings joy and beauty to your yard forever. However, before you start digging, consult a local swimming pool contractor.

Add A Fire Pit

You’ve probably seen those colonial-style homes with a fire pit at the center of their lawn. Chances are you liked it, especially when those neighbors hosted evening parties. They looked cozy and welcoming, didn’t they?

Well, you, too, can add one to your yard as part of your yard upgrades this season. There is something really beautiful about controlled wood-burning fire that brings people together. You and your family can gather in the evenings while roasting marshmallows or enjoy each other’s company under the starry night sky.

A fire pit is an excellent addition to your outdoor space for functional and aesthetic purposes. It is a focal point for your landscape, making your yard stand out. You can build one depending on the amount of space you have and the budget.

Build An Outdoor Kitchen

Summer heat calls for some outdoor grilling and cooking. Instead of going back and forth from the house to the backyard, why not have a complete outdoor kitchen? Yes, you read that right.

Building an outdoor kitchen is among the ultimate yard upgrades for homeowners who love the beauty of outdoor cooking. Those hot summer evenings will be more enjoyable with a built-in grill, refrigerator, and countertops in your backyard. You can even add a seating area with shade, especially around a fire pit.

An outdoor kitchen adds beauty to your yard and creates a functional space for cooking and entertaining. You can even host summer barbecues or enjoy a quiet dinner outside with your family. It doesn’t have to be a fully fitted kitchen; you can have a few essential features, like an outdoor pizza oven or a grill and sink.

Generally, outdoor kitchens won’t add much resale value to your property. However, it increases desirability when you list it for sale. According to the New York Times, homes with such a feature sold 39% faster than those without it. While you don’t need to build one when selling your home, you can have one for beauty and functionality.

An outdoor kitchen is quite an undertaking and may require professional help. Ensure you hire a trustworthy contractor. Keep in mind that you might need a permit if you have to do major electrical and plumbing work. Also, remember most kitchen remodeling services require a substantial investment.

Replace or Repair Your Old Gutter System

You often give little thought to your gutter system, but it does help keep your yard beautiful and functional. When it’s working optimally, it directs water runoff away from your garden beds and lawn. However, it will wear out and even break down with time, leading to flooding and soil erosion.

While you plant flowers diligently, a single runoff can uproot your plants and erode the soil overnight. With just one heavy rainstorm, all your hard work and money will go to waste. Even worse, it can damage your property’s foundation and exterior walls. You do not want to have such issues.

During your spring yard upgrades, inspect your gutter system. Over time, it might collect leaves and debris that clog the downspouts, causing them to overflow. The water flows from the sides of the gutter system where your flowers are instead of being guided away from the house. You can solve it by cleaning it.

However, the damage might be extensive. If you notice any cracks, sagging, or holes, it is time to replace it. At this point, repairs might not help. A roofing contractor can inspect the gutter system and advise accordingly. Do not wait until the rain starts and floods your lawn.

Install A Better Fence

A nice-looking and functional fence can enhance your property’s curb appeal. Generally, when you think of a fence, you imagine security and a little privacy. However, there is more to it than that.

For starters, a fence can make your yard look neat and well-maintained. For instance, if you have a garden, a small picket fence or hedge around it adds charm to your lawn’s curb appeal. You can also use them as trellises for climbing flowers and plants that further enhance the beauty of your property.

Fences also serve the practical purpose of keeping animals away from your yard. If you have a vegetable garden or beautiful flowers, rabbits, dogs, and other animals can easily damage them. Additionally, if you live in an area with strong winds, a solid wood or vinyl fence can be a windbreak for your yard. It will shelter your plants and flowers, keeping them intact during storms.

Business premises can benefit from a fence, especially when designating property boundaries and restricting access. However, while businesses don’t often use the most appealing fencing designs, they are options that look good and can blend with the overall aesthetics of your property. Fencing businesses don’t always have to use the same boring designs.

Talk to fencing contractors to see if they have options for combining visual appeal and functionality. It can be wood, vinyl, or metal fencing. Luckily, it’s not very expensive. According to Forbes, it will cost you $3,300 on average.

Replace Your Old Windows

Your windows may not cross your mind when thinking about yard upgrades. However, they contribute to your property’s overall look and feel. Old windows with dull, outdated frames can make even the most beautiful yard look drab and unkempt.

Replacing old windows freshens up the exterior of your house. For instance, if you have casement windows that have served you for the last ten years, they may have lost their original luster. They often look dull and dampen the appeal of even the most impressive lawn. They may even start to rattle, making the home feel drafty and uncomfortable.

Usually, a complete replacement with new ones that look more modern and stylish is the best option. You can even add tints to the windows to improve the appearance of your yard from the outside. Home window tinting can add character as long as you do not overdo it.

Many window styles can do the trick. For instance, casement and sliding windows look clean and contemporary, while bay and bow windows often portray uniqueness. However, the style you choose also depends on your home design. Ensure you talk to a local window treatment company to get an idea of the kind of windows that match what you have.

Invest In Synthetic Lawn

If you live in an area prone to wildfires, you understand the damage it leaves behind. Most yards burn entirely and are left barren. What’s left after is a heap of terrible-looking ash and soot. While you could plant some new grass, maintaining it is expensive and time-consuming. But that’s not the end of the road. Invest in synthetic lawns.

Similarly, according to the New York Times, areas such as New York, the city and homeowners associations (HOA) require that homeowners maintain their lawns. Maintaining the grass at a certain height at all times can be tiresome, let alone expensive. You can invest in synthetic lawns if you don’t have the time or resources to cut your grass every week until the end of summer.

Most yard upgrades require regular maintenance to keep them looking good. That’s not the case with synthetic lawns. Firstly, it doesn’t require weekly mowing and will remain the same height and green for years. You also do not have to waste time and money watering, fertilizing, and weeding. You will have more time on your hands to enjoy your beautiful yard without worrying about its upkeep.

When it comes to cost, synthetic lawns may seem expensive at first glance. According to HomeGuide, it will cost you anything from $6 to $17 per square foot (SF). That translates to about $3,000 to $8,500 for 500 SF. However, since it doesn’t require much, you will save a lot in the long run.

Install Landscape Lighting

Nothing speaks elegance more than landscape lighting at night. With these yard upgrades, you can turn an ordinary-looking outdoor space into a beautiful palace-themed yard. Depending on the type of lights you install, they can exude a warm glow or brightly illuminate your property.

Landscape lighting adds character to your home’s exterior. It gives some sense of order to your yard, especially when installed along a meandering walkway. What’s more? It makes your property feel luxurious, safe, and secure at night. If you have a pool or pond, the lights will reflect beautifully on the water’s surface, making them look more inviting.

You can even install them to highlight special features in your yard, such as fountains, statues, or certain plants. You can choose from various types of landscape lighting depending on your budget and personal preference. Solar-powered lights are inexpensive to install and are energy efficient.


Yard upgrades are a great way to turn a simple landscape into a beautiful, inviting outdoor space. While it requires some investment, living in pleasant surroundings that will be the talk of your neighborhood doesn’t hurt. Some can add value to your property, while others boost its desirability.

You can explore various options to give your yard a makeover, and feel free to mix and match different ideas and styles to create a unique and personalized space. The key is to find the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. Just ensure you work with professionals to get the best results.

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