How a Lawn Care Service Mows a Lawn

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When you hire a lawn care service to mow your lawn, professionals undertake a systematic approach to ensure your grass is cut to perfection. Here’s a summary of how the process generally unfolds.

The lawn care team will assess your yard.

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They’ll check for any obstacles like toys or branches that need to be cleared. They’ll also evaluate the grass type, growth pattern, and height to determine the best mowing strategy. The mowing starts at the edges and works inwards. Using a string trimmer, the crew would tidy the borders near walkways, beds, and fences to create a clean line. This step ensures a uniform appearance once the main mowing is done.

For the main lawn area, the mowers are set to the optimal height for your specific type of grass. Cutting too short can stress the grass and promote weeds, while leaving it too long can encourage pests. The team will use a pattern that avoids ruts and ensures even growth, often alternating directions with each visit. After mowing, the team uses blowers to remove clippings from hard surfaces. Some services may bag the clippings, but many now practice mulching, returning the finely chopped grass to the lawn as a natural fertilizer.

The team is mindful of speed to prevent damage and ensure a thorough job. They’ll work efficiently but carefully, always striving for a manicured finish that promotes a healthy, attractive lawn. With professional lawn care services, your yard isn’t just mowed; it’s meticulously maintained for optimal health and appearance.

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