Four Simple Yet Romantic Ideas for a Date Night at Home

A romantic dinner date
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Netflixing and chilling at home are a luxury for most couples, but that was before the corona virus pandemic happened. Today, binge-watching movies and television shows might have already lost their appeal for many.

Since you can’t go to the movies, attend concerts or travel, you have to explore other options. Here are four simple ideas for a romantic date night at home.

1. Make it a pajama date.

Don’t knock the idea off before you’ve even tried it! It may not be the most sophisticated tip in this article, but it has immense potential to be very memorable. Remember, the most romantic gestures are often the least planned. Since they are spontaneous, they feel more genuine. Here lies the beauty of a pajama date: you don’t need to plan a lot, just a few things like the date, time, food, and simple activities you can do on the side. Examples could be games like twenty questions, a trivia game, your favorite board game, and Jenga. As for your look? Just choose your best and most comfortable pajamas, and you’re both good to go.

2. Have a picnic on your balcony or backyard.

If you want to keep things casual but still make an effort with your appearance, food, and whatnot, a picnic date can give you that balance. Your upper-floor balcony, patio, backyard, or garden could be the perfect spot. All you need is a picnic blanket, a basket of your favorite snacks, pies, and finger food, and some comfy cushions.

In the mood for something more elaborate (and if you have a wide enough space in your backyard), rent a stout tent, the type that people use for glamping. These are durable canvas, which means they have the perfect aesthetics for a romantic, picnic date. No distracting sports brands or technicolor tarp material that can diminish the romantic ambiance.

3. Have a formal dinner for two.

Some couples cherish date nights and wouldn’t settle for less than a formal, sit-down dinner. This shouldn’t be a problem even if you’re quarantined at home. It requires more planning, however, and a longer time to execute. In the spirit of keeping things as simple as possible, plan the date together. Decide if one of you has to cook the food or if you’ll just order from your favorite restaurant.

Take out your best dishes and tablecloth, and cut some flowers from your garden. Set up the round table in your breakfast nook (your dining table would be good, too). Finally, dim the lights, put some candles on your table centerpiece, and light a few more around the room. You’ll now have the perfect date night set-up in your home.

4. Go for a drive.

Couple going on a drive

This date idea depends on the current restrictions in your community with regards to the corona virus pandemic. If you’re allowed to go for a drive around the city, then this would be a good idea to get out of the house without violating social distancing rules and best practices.

What can you do on a car date? You can blast your favorite music on the Bluetooth radio and sing together to your heart’s content. You can check out your favorite hangout spots, cruise along seaside roads, or drive to the outskirts of your city. Prepare a picnic basket filled with food, too. You can enjoy the food during the drive (the one who sits shotgun should feed the driver!). Who knows, you might find an isolated spot where you can park or get out and have a proper picnic.

These difficult times call for creativity in all areas, including your love life. Use these tips to create genuine, happy memories together.

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