Family Fishing: Choose the Best Boat

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Michigan is one of the best places to fish, and fishing is one of the best outdoor activities for your family. You get to spend time together away from the busy urban setting. But first, you need to get yourself a boat — one that’s suitable for whatever family you might have.

Fishing with Kids

Teaching your kids to fish can be a life-changing experience. They’ll learn the value of patience and the link between hard work and reward. Going fishing is also one of the memories that gets stamped into their minds as children tend to remember survival skills and any skills that can get them food instinctively. Of course, you’ll need to keep them comfortable, because children are children. They might need to take short naps if they get tired or short breaks when they get tired or bored. With that in mind, a pontoon boat is your best option. It has a lot of space to move around in, and it is a lot more comfortable than most boats. The large decks of pontoon boats allow more people to fish, and many pontoon boat models are geared explicitly for fishing. Even if you’re not fishing, pontoon boats are great for leisurely rides on the lake or maybe a bit of wakeboarding or waterskiing if you have adventurous teens.

For Grown-ups Only

If your kids are all grown up, then it’s time for more serious fishing. Ring up the old man and reminisce on the good old days before smartphones and the internet. If you’re going for the big fish, then go for a dedicated bass boat. These boats are quick on the water, very maneuverable, and are designed specifically for fishing. There’s more space to move around the boat if the fish are fighting and the live wells are incomparable to most other boats. However, if you value comfort over the catch, you should consider sticking with a pontoon boat. They’re not as fast and going against the wind can be frustrating, but they’re more comfortable. The smoother ride ensures that you won’t be too rattled or tired after a long journey. Once your bones get old, being comfortable becomes more of a priority than landing fish.

Going Green

on a boat

If you’re thinking about your grandchildren and your grandchildren’s grandchildren, then you can always go green. Fit your boat with an electric motor; it’s great for the environment, and the quiet motor is great for sneaking up on the fish. Electric motors should be suitable for trips shorter than eight hours. However, you can always get a hybrid if you take longer trips or if waters are rougher than usual. Electric motors and hybrids also cost up to 95 percent less to operate compared to standard petrol motors, so you’ll be saving the environment and saving a lot of money.

Bond with your family with weekends of fishing and meaningful conversations. Whether it’s a comfortable pontoon or a serious bass boat, it’s time to get that boat and get to fishing.

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