Payment may be made by check or money order. We have no minimum order but we do have a minimum shipping and handling charge.

Please consider bearded and beardless orders as separate orders with separate shipping charges. Daylilies may be included with either type of Iris without separate shipping and handling charges and will be shipped at the same time as your other Iris. Our other garden items already have the shipping charges figured in or noted with the item.

Our minimum shipping charge in the United States for the first 1 to 5 plants is $12.00 and then 50¢ for each additional plant that you order. We will always include extra’s of our choice to defray these shipping costs (Hints are welcome).

Foreign orders will need to be made in U.S. Dollars and will be shipped via Air Mail at prevailing rates. You may contact us via E-Mail for an estimate of these postage rates. A certificate of inspection is required at a cost of $35.00 for each shipment outside of the U.S.A. Some countries also require an Import License. If your country requires this please send a copy of that license to be included with the package list and Certificate Of Inspection.

We will ship your plants at the best time for digging (Bearded Iris Late July through September).  Daylilies may be shipped anytime from Spring to Fall.  If you have unusual weather conditions for planting (Very Hot or Freezing weather) please advise us when the best time to ship for you is and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We make every effort to send healthy, true to name plants. Let us know immediately upon arrival should a plant not arriving good condition, and we will either replace the plant or refund your money for the plant. We cannot be responsible for loss due to unfavorable weather or other conditions that are not under our control.

We offer the following incentives to make this year a success for both you our customer and for us.

  • Orders over $100.00 received before May 1st, 2016 order 10% more plants or take 10% off your order.
  • Orders over $250.00 received before May 1st, 2016 receive an extra $50.00 introduction (hints welcome) or take $20% off your order.